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China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Real Terror in East Turkestan

Xinjiang  Uygur China mapAn excellent article that I commend to my readers.

Some facts, however, for the sake of understanding the real history without blurring for the sake of sensationalism.

The article states:
"On August 27, 1949, a plane carrying the leadership of the Republic of East Turkestan was on its way to Beijing for talks with Mao Zedong. In circumstances that can be euphemistically called suspicious, the plane crashed, killing everyone on board. Upon hearing the news, Mao sent in the Communist military, and the occupation of East Turkestan began."

The "Republic of East Turkistan" referred to in the above quote was one established in 1944 coincident with the demise of Nationalist government control but which only ever controlled 25% of the physical area of Xinjiang and was centered in the north west only.

The ETR (EastTurkistan Republic) had, prior to this fateful plane flight, agreed in principal to the joining of the ETR with China subject to the Uygur people having a high degree of autonomous government. The members of the ETR government aboard the plane were going to Beijing to complete agreements along these lines.

The rest of Xinjiang was, at the time, controlled to varying degrees, by remnants of the Nationalist government and Chinese (Han) warlords.

Having said that the ETR was comfortable joining Communist China and, the CCP having no real reason to down the representative's plane, there was subsequently a major shakeup in ETR representatives after the Communist takeover resulting in many being removed from positions of authority and replaced by either Han Chinese or more amenable Uygurs.

But that aside the rest of the article by D.J. Maguire holds true.

One very important point spelled out by Maguire is that the Uygur, albeit Muslim, are extremely western oriented. They believe that America can save them from Chinese persecution; that America and the west can help them to gain a degree of autonomy at least to the level promised to them by Mao Zedong back in 1949 but never delivered.

Maguire states:

"As America fights the terror triumvirate of Wahhabism, Ba’athism, and Khomenism, her people have asked: where are the Muslims who don't hate America? Where are the Muslims who do not see the fulfillment of their faith in emulating the hijackers of September 11, 2001? Where are the Muslims who understand us, our vision, and our desire for freedom for all?

Those of us fortunate enough to know the Uighur people do not ask these questions. We don't have to ask them. We see these Muslims every day; we work with them; we are proud to call them our friends.

These are true words. The Uygur people are truly friends.

They believe in us, we in America ,Australia, Britain, Canada et al.

They believe in our proclaimed "goodness", they believe in our system of democratic government, they believe above all that we we have humanity.

Sometimes I wonder if we deserve such blind faith!

Article Rating: Must Read
The Epoch Times | The Real Terror in East Turkestan