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China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

China "Wins" Gold in Shooting

As China celebrates the winning of Gold in Athens by its "shooters" my thoughts go today to the victims of some other Chinese "shooters"

Two Uygurs were recently executed in Xinjiang bringing to four the number of Uygurs executed by firing squad in the last six weeks.

As the Athens 'shooters" took to the dais amid the fanfare, the garland crowns and the rising red flag and national anthem my thoughts wandered, painfully, to a less majestic scene.

An open field, a grassy bank.

Two men kneeling upon the muddy ground, facing the grassed knoll positioned to stop the bullets.

Their heads will be bowed not raised in elation. .

Around their necks will be placed not the gold medals of Athens Olympians but crudely scrawled "notices"detailing their "crimes" against this great Olympic nation.

Upon their bowed heads blindfolds in place of crowns of garland.

Instead of the voice of an announcer proclaiming their individual greatness and that of their nation there will be a firing squad commander reading aloud the details of their "lowness" and readying his men with barked voice.

Instead of the clap of applause ringing out the clap of gunfire will be heard.

Instead of hands raised in jubilation will be faces, what is left of them, buried in mud of this Xinjiang field.

Red blood in place of a red flag.

I do not deny the Athens shooters their individual glory at their achievements, the games are supposed to be above politics but for the life of me I can not see how Beijing will shortly be conducting these very same ceremonies whilst 3000 kms away Uygur blood is continued to be spilled by the other "shooters" in a very different ceremony.

When will world recognise the brutality of this communist regime and do something to stop the oppression and death in Xinjiang.

Is this what the Olympic ideal is?

Yahoo! News - China Wins Two Gold Medals in Shooting