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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

China Corruption: Hero Today Gone Tomorrow

corruptionA Chinese Communist party member hailed last week as a corruption whistleblowing hero by none less than the People's Daily apparently now has been sent to the "sin-bin" and told to do a little bit of "self examination"

Huang Jingao, a party secretary from southern China's Lianjiang County, wrote an "Open Letter" exposing official corruption in his home town which received lavish praise in a full page article in the People's Daily and for which he was widely lauded, apparently, throughout China as to his brave stance.

Today the story has disappeared from the PD's website and poor Huang is in a bit of trouble with his CCP mates for making "a serious political mistake"

Not only does it appear that he has overstepped the mark locally but his gaffe has international ramifications; so says the local CCP higher ups!

"The direct result of his behavior was that it would be
used by hostile
western forces, hostile Taiwan forces and dissidents
overseas and that it will stir social instability and political

Hostile western forces no less!

Writing "Open Letters" in China can get you in a little bit of strife apparently.

China Condemns Whistle-Blower (washingtonpost.com)