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China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Tibet: Lifespans, incomes increase.

Map of Tibet According to Xinhuanet China is claiming that since the Communist takeover of Tibet (my words not Xinhua's) both income levels and lifespans have increased markedly.

Xinhua quotes the following facts obtained from the latest government statistics:

  • People's per capita lifespan in Tibet Autonomous Region has nearly doubled in the past 45 years, from 35.5 in 1959 to currently 67, latest government statistics unveiled."
  • The population of Tibet increased from 1.14 million in 1951 to 2.7 million at present, and 92 percent of the population is Tibetans.
  • The central government has given preferential policies for a long time to help Tibet in poverty reduction, and 393 towns of 34 counties were listed as key receptors of state poverty relief aids.
  • The number of people whose per capital net income was below 1,300 yuan (157 US dollars) annually, the local poverty line, has reduced to 1.07 million from 1.48 million three years ago, or down by 28 percent, according to statistics.
  • Per capital net income reached 1,690 yuan (204 US dollars) in 2003 in Tibet and the figure was expected to reach 1,850 yuan (223US dollars) in 2004, or up nearly 10 percent."

As with the Uygur of Xinjiang there is no doubt that Chinese occupation has proven positive for the health standards and income levels of the ethnic minorities under Chinese control. Having said that though the rate of improvement continues to lag behind those experienced by the Han majority.

Now if we can only add to those successes with some freedoms.

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"Tibetans' per capita lifespan doubles" Xinhuanet - English. June 6 2004(June 7)::