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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Cyber-dissident Du Daobin sentenced

Four Years House Arrest Considered "Light Sentence"

China InternetA sentence of four years of house arrest was handed down on June 11 to cyber-dissident Du Daobin by a court in Xiaogan (in the central province of Hubei) for posting essays on the internet calling for democracy and freedom of speech.

According to Reporters Without Borders the four year sentence on the charge of posting "subversive articles " is lenient compared with the long jail terms usually imposed on cyber-dissidents in China.

It is claimed that neither Du , arrested in October 2003, or his lawyers was allowed to say a word during the 15 minutes court appearance. Du is required as part of his sentence to report weekly to the local police statement.

As Reporters without Borders notes in the linked article China leads the world in the number of people in jail for using the internet as a means of voicing dissent. Currently there are 61 "cyber dissidents" in custody.

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"Cyber-dissident Du Daobin sentenced to four years of house arrest",
Reporters without Borders, June 11, 2004