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Thursday, June 24, 2004

"China Daily" News Criticises Internet Censorship

Official Chinese New Agency criticises Government Policy

China Daily: One of China's Top Five News SourcesIn what has to be a red letter day (excuse the pun) one of China's top five news agencies the China Daily has criticised the government's decision to ban children from internet cafes in the upcoming summer holiday period.

Whilst showing understanding for the central government's rationale for the ban the China Daily says there are better ways to protect the young from the potential evil influences of the net whilst still giving them opportunities to take advantage of this "new" medium to broaden their horizons and knowledge.

In what has to be an understatement or perhaps a backhand criticism the China Daily "innocently" says

"A better way to protect China's youth and at the same time respect their right to Internet access is to strengthen control on the cyber content provided by public Internet outlets. It is technically feasible to use software to block pornographic or excessively violent content. "

Well I have to agree with the China Daily that in this modern time and with the wealth of technology out our fingertips there must be a way to ban certain sites from access.

I wonder if the Chinese government has cottoned on to this novel idea!!

"Blanket Internet ban not the best solution" China Daily 23/6/04 (24/6/04)