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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Tibetan Hunger striker collapses, hospitalised

Ms Choephel is placed on an ambulance gurney. Pic courtesy Phayul.com (Pictures) In a dramatic but not unexpected turn of events Tibetan hunger striker Ms Dolma Choepel was yesterday rushed to New York's Bellevue Hospital after collapsing at the protest site outside the United Nation building.

"Ms. Dolma Choephel, however, had to be rushed to Bellevue hospital for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) after she lost consciousness yesterday, said a report sent by Kalsang Phunstok, the President of the TYC. The other two hunger strikers, however, continue 'to be alert'. "

Ms Choephel (31) has over the last couple of days been the weakest of the three hunger strikers who have been encamped outside the UN building since April 2 protesting UN inaction over human rights abuses in Tibet.

Whilst initial reports have placed Ms Cheophel in a stable condition it is unknown whether the only female among the three will return to continue the protest.

Ms Chopehel in ambulance awaiting transfer to Bellevue Hospital New York. Pic Courtesy Phayuil.com. Pic courtesy Phayul
Meantime the US State Department has joined the growing chorus of international appeal for the discontinuation of the Tibetan hunger strike. Paula Dobriansky, US State Department's Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues, said,

"You have my personal assurance that we will continue to work in international fora, including the United Nations, with whomever will stand with us to promote human rights and other Tibetan issues".

She promised Washington's "highest priority" to Tibet when it resumes bi-lateral human rights dialogue with Beijing, and said President Bush continues to remain committed to urging China to resolve Tibetan issues through negotiations.

"Now, before you suffer serious and perhaps irreversible health problems, I strongly encourage you to assess and recognize your achievements and to discontinue the strike,". Ms Dobriansky said in a message dated 29 April.

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