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China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Tibet infrastructure Investment

Tibet MapThe linked article at China View provides an impressive list of recent years infrastructure investment in Tibet by the Central Government.

I have to smile at the predictability of the Chinese. Whenever something hits the international press like the recent trip by the Dalai Lama to Canada and the Tibetan Hunger Strike in New York up will pop what I refer to as a "justification piece" an article such as this or a "White Paper" painting a picture of the benefits the Han Chinese bring to the likes of the Tibetans or Uygurs or whichever ethnic or religious minority happens to be in the news at the time.

There is no doubt that the Han Chinese have brought positive changes to Tibet. The Dalai Lama himself has openly acknowledged the economic benefits union with China affords Tibet.

But as many people who have spent a reasonable amount of time on this earth will attest happiness is more than just economics. It is an amalgam of many things: peace, freedoms of association and religion, freedom from fear to name but a few. Television reception is great if you can pick up something other than state run propaganda for example.

Economics however is no doubt a major component. It is hard to be truly happy, I would hazard a guess, if you and your family are starving for example. But it is much more than just that. China is helping Tibet in regard to economics and infrastructure but does it counterbalance where Han policies negatively impact in other areas?

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