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China Letter-News and Human Rights

China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Mea Culpa: Australia

This "War on Terror", this blind tilting at windmills has to stop.

We, Australia and others, have spent trillions of dollars, diverted some of our best human capital and destroyed the lives of thousands in prosecution of a "war" that, take away Afghanistan and Iraq , saw less than 500 deaths as a result of "terrorist" caused incidents in 2003. I placed "terrorist" in inverted commas because even our definitions as to what is a terrorist act has become so blurred of late.

This "War on Terror", this blind tilting at windmills has to stop

-Stephen Sullivan-

To put it in perspective more Chinese miners die in a month. More Chinese pedestrians die in a week. Many, many more people starve to death or die form curable diseases.

Now each life is sacred and no-one can put a price on saving one but we can't keep investing to the level we have invested on the off chance that someone, somewhere somehow, may die when we know full well that Chinese miners, for example will die 20 a day, that people in certain parts of the world will die today, tomorrow and every single day of the year.

If we the free world"had invested those trillions, if we had employed these wonderful brains and human capital to these issues rather than diverting them to the "War on terror" the sum of good achieved would far outweigh the sum of bad and the world today would have been infinitely much better than it is. The lives of so many innocents who have been branded by their religion or place of residence would not have been so adversly impacted upon or even destroyed.

We all were rightly angered, hurt and worried after "9/11" that is understandable but now we have allowed our political leaders to manipulate the "war on terror" for their own agendas. They have inculcated a generation with blind hatred against a certain class of people regardless of their guilt. We are seeing the product of that in Iraq now. And it is not just in Iraq, it is in the mainstreets of towns and cities throughout the western "Christian" world.

Our "War on terror" has also bred a generation of people that will carry hatred of us to their deathbeds, people who otherwise would have not given us a second thought, innocent people caught up in our blind scrambling. We, the supposed "good guys" have rent a huge chasm in the world's society, we have split it along racial and religious lines and we have done so far more effectively than some billionaire madman could ever have done it.

Mea Culpa? Yes.

Year by year Terrorist statistic.
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