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Friday, May 07, 2004

China's Cadres told to Toe The Line

Wu Guangzhen Secretary, Politburo Standing Committee's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection
"'It is necessary to step up inspection on implementation of the Party line, relevant policies, state laws and regulations, as well as correctly deal with cases where laws are not strictly followed or not abided by.'"
Wu Guangzhen Secretary of the Politburo Standing Committee's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, reportedly made this comment to party officials during a tour of Guizhou province this week in what can be seen as a "toe the line" message.

It would appear that the CCP is genuinely attempting to bring greater accountability to bear upon the rank and file of CCP party membership and government officialdom through messages such as this. Combined with the current push to make the concept "personal responsibilty" an accepted code of practice among government employees and industry generally reinforcement of the "Rule of Law" principle among cadres can only be beneficial.

Lack of accountability, responsibility and oversight are major contributing factors in much of the corruption and abuse of power that occurs within China's officialdom. Any concerted efforts in this direction can only have positive effects upon the human rights situation within China despite the fact that the "Rule of Law" does not necessarily translate in all cases into greater fredom and protection of "human rights" as we understand them in the west.

A drive along these lines also has the effect of strengthening central government power and control especially over maverick or more liberal elements of the CCP. It is certainly another sign of the "new" leadership wishing to assert it's leadership and consolidate it's position within the CCP.

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