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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

China's boys stolen and sold, police ignore problem

China's One child Policy"With startling frequency, little boys who go outside to play here don't come back. They are snatched, spirited across China, sold and resold."

According to the linked report, in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province southern China some 215 children have gone missing in the last four years at the hands, it would appear, of organised groups that are kidnapping small boys to "demand" to satisfy customers desperate for a male heir to sustain family lineage.

The report puts this kidnapping down to two factors, one being China,'s "one-child" policy which frustrates many couples eager to have a male heir and the other to social traditions where many Chinese apparently feel that the family tree continues only with males.

In Kunming, boys are reportedly worth $360 to $425 at "point of sale". "Some kids have been sold 13 times" by the time they reach their ultimate buyer, the newspaper said. By then, the price can be as much as 20,000 Chinese yuan, or about $2,400". the article states.

Apparently the local police pay little attention to this traffic in human beings reportedly because most of the victims come from migrant families, who occupy the lowest rung on China's social ladder."When we report this to the police, they say, `You've still got another child. Don't worry about it,'" said Jin Cuihua, who lost her 6-year-old boy on Jan. 5.

If true, and I really have no reason to doubt it given the many negatives attributed to China's "one child" policy, it is just a further indictment of a government that allows gross mistreatment of it's migrant population which is estimated to be as large as 120 million.

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KRT Wire | 05/04/2004 | China's boys stolen and sold, police ignore grieving parents: