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China Letter-News and Human Rights

China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

China Letter News Digest

China Letter News DigestA "China Letter" Digest of News items that are too noteworthy to go unnoticed but too numerous to comment on every one.

China increases its poverty relief budget - (United Press International): "China's central government increased its budget Sunday for poverty relief programs by nearly $100 million to $1.48 billion for this year."

National Post-Dalai Lama ends visit to Toronto, wows thousands at final ceremony The Dalai Lama bid farewell to thousands of followers Wednesday as he wrapped up more than two weeks of public appearances in Canada by completing an initiation ceremony into the spiritual practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

Channelnewsasia.com Canadian parliament begins probe of China's human rights record

Sewage spill causes massive fish losses: "Sewage allegedly discharged by local plants have killed huge amounts of aquatic life- an estimated 60,000 kilograms of fish - in the Wenjiang section of the Tuojiang River in Zizhong County in Southwest China's Sichuan Province, local environmental officials said. "

China Business Strategy Daily News|East China Electricity Shortage Worsens: "China's electrical power demands have increased, and the areas affected by blackouts will be larger than in 2003. The situation has become so serious that eastern China will have electrical power shortages the year round, instead of just in the summer."

China's Dammed Yangtze River Is a Cesspool of Sewage, Poison: "Reservoirs are becoming sewers, filled with trash and smelly water. Local officials refuse to shut down polluting factories, fearful that unemployment will rise. Edicts from Beijing on controlling industrial waste go unheeded. "

Times of Tibet Non-Violence And Non-Action

Quote From Mao

Liberalism is extremely harmful in a revolutionary collective. It is a corrosive which eats away unity, undermines cohesion, causes apathy and creates dissension. It robs the revolutionary ranks of compact organization and strict discipline, prevents policies from being carried through and alienates the Party organizations from the masses which the Party leads. It is an extremely bad tendency.

"Combat Liberalism" (September 7, 1937), Selected Works, Vol. II, pp. 31-32

China Fact

China is confronted with a grave challenge to supply drinking water to one fifth of the world's population with just 8 per cent of the total 'freshwater' (i.e. polluted) resources.