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Monday, May 24, 2004

Angry Reaction To Tibetan White Paper

Renewed Calls For Armed Uprising

Chinese White paper on TibetReaction by Tibetans in exile has been quick and vociferous to the release in China on Sunday of the Government's White Paper on Tibet.

Exiled Tibetans have come out universally against the "Paper" but at this stage it has drawn no response from the Dalai Lama or the Tibetan Government in exile located in Dharamsala India.

Phayul.com, a leading Tibetan news agency, in an a report on the "White Paper" "China tells Dalai Lama self-ruled Tibet not an option" sees it as a final rejection of the Dalai Lamas attempts to open up direct dialogue between himself and the CCP.

Comments posted on Phayul's website universally condemn the "White Paper". One commentator posed the question of the Tibetan Government in Exile and it's leader Samhdong Rimpoche

How Samdhong Rimpoche is going to react at that?
after trying everything to appease them and conceding everything, the thieves are at last giving their answer; no autonomy !

Let us demand and obtain our independence now !

Peu Gyalo ! Posted by Tenam Paris

Several posts call for stronger action including armed rebellion and "terrorist" like resistance tactics.

No more room for negotiation left on table. So where we are standing now! I guess, we must flip our standing and choose the violent, if they really don't care about our present proposal.

Get the fund, recruits and act some practice....Lets do whatever so that those pig's will awake and start making pork-chop! (Tashi Toronto)

Ughur,Mongolia,Manchuria and Tibet should get together and get rid off all PLO communists from their countries.Till now we have been very patient with the communists and expect they will with changing time change for better for the last 45 years. Unfortunately communist china has not changed at all,instead got worse. So we are left with no choice but have to take the only last resort which is Bin laden`s tactic.
We give one more chance till December 2004. PLO

Not all Tibetans have been happy with the "softly softly" anti-violence approach of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile both whom have adopted a policy of achieving greater political and cultural autonomy for Tibetans through peaceful negotiations with China.

Map of TibetThe Dalai Lama has been on record for several years as having given up as one of his aims the total independence of Tibet. He has been forthright in saying that China's economic involvement in Tibet was actually beneficial to the Tibetan people.

Many Tibetans including a lot of younger ones living in exile in Dharamsala and elsewhere have never believed that such an approach would work with China. The younger ones, many who have never seen their homeland, are increasingly advocating violence.

During the recent "Hunger Strike" of three Tibetans in New York many younger posters to Phayul's Comments section derided the action calling it outdated, ineffective and typical of the Dalai Lama's appeasement approach to Beijing.

Meanwhile the Chinese news organs are giving plenty of coverage to the "White Paper". The China Daily gives some insight into the motivation of the Chinese Government in releasing this White paper when it said today

"The issuing of the white paper responds to international propaganda and lobbying by the Dalai Lama, who alleged that the regional ethnic autonomy in Tibet was "devoid of essential contents" and proposed the exercise of "one country, two systems" and "a high degree of autonomy" in Tibet after the model examples of Hong Kong and Macao" (China Daily)

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