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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Your Chance to be "Miss Tibet"

Prince Charles meets Miss Tibet"DHARAMSALA: Undaunted by a poor response last year and opposition from the elders, organisers are going ahead with the third Miss Tibet beauty contest being held in this Himachal Pradesh town in October."

It would seem beauty contests have a little way to go in Tibetan Culture. Newindpress reports that despite a small turn out last year (only one contestant turned up) that the 2004 Miss Tibet beauty pageant will go ahead undeterred by last years less than inspiring debut.

The press report did not say whether last years winner can re-enter this year but it could be interesting.

Apparently the older generation of Tibetans, see westernisation as a threat to their traditional Buddhist faith.

For anyone intersted in changing nationalities and having a fair crack at winning visit Miss Tibet Applications"

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Miss Tibet contest in October - Newindpress.com: