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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Three cheers for the FBI

FBI Director Muelelr addressing news conferance in Beijing In my article The Guantanamo Numbers: China's Duplicity Unmasked I argued that if Xinjiang's Muslim Uygurs had such a close connection with the Taliban and al Qaeda as China has claimed ad nauseum since "9/11" surely many must have been captured by the Americans in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan shares a border with Xinjiang so it's only a stones throw away from a supposed 9.25 million "restive Uygurs" and "Uygur Terrorist" organisations. If I were a terrorist leader in Xinjiang or elsewhere surely I would have thought Afghanistan would have been the place to be for all my hundreds of followers ready to die for the cause! Nice and handy, Muslim brotherhood sort of thing, "shared ideology" with al Qaeda etc etc etc. Think of nowhere better to be could you?

But when the Guantanamo numbers were released how many of the 650 held by the Americans were Uygurs?

Well there were 30 Jordanians and Jordon is supposed to be an ally of America. There were 9 British citizens and they were a long along way from home. There were even two Australians and two Canadians, not the sort of countries one would associate with Islamic fundamentalism and hatred for the west. And, don't forget all the other Arabs. So how many Uygurs then do you reckon? Remember before answering: nice and close to Xinjiang, "restive people" so says the worlds press, "Islamic extremists and terrorists" so say the Chinese. So how many? 100, 50?

12! That's right, only 12 less than 2%.

So much for China's propaganda about scores of well organised "Uygur terrorist" groups in league with al Qaeda and training with the Taliban.

Most of the world's commentators have always treated Chinese claims along these lines with a great degree of skepticism. Why? Because there has not been one skerrick of proof validated by any one else other then China. The U.S State department when they worked with China in 2002 to have a little known Uygur group the East Turkistan Islamic Party (ETIM) listed as an international terror organisation could list no proof other than to say they based their support on information provided by the Chinese and some Russian "news articles". They even categorically admitted that this ETIM had never been involved in any violence outside of China.

Now we have a Director of the American FBI visiting China currently coming out and saying that "some people in China share the same ideology as al Qaeda". When pressed as to whether he meant the Uygur he reiterated his "some people' statement:

"There certainly are individuals in China who could be described as having that same mindset as well as the desire to utilize terrorist acts to further their agenda, whether you would call it al Qaeda or a group loosely affiliated with al Qaeda and al Qaeda's leadership."

Whilst not saying outright yes his lack of a no pretty well inferred that it was the Uygur whom he was alluding to.

Well Mr Mueller there are probably "some people" in The United States who share a "common ideology" with al Qaeda. Given the extensive list of nationalities captured in Afghanistan like the British, Canadians and Australians to name just a few a few I would say there are "some people" in many parts of the world that "share common ideologies" with al Qaeda. That does not mean that their peoples and countries are Terrorists, because that through your "politic" statement is what you have inferred here about the Uygur.

You have, by your lack of courage in answering the question more fully, once again branded the Uygur as terrorist and no doubt in doing so put a huge smile on the collective face of the Chinese government. A Director of the FBI no less allowing the less informed in the world to believe that the "world renowned" FBI thinks that there exists an Uygur terrorist threat.

I can hear the collective sigh of 9.25 million Uygurs in China and a million around the world right now. "Not again?" they will be asking "why are we being branded so? What have we ever done to the world to deserve this?"

Three cheers for the FBI and enjoy your Peking Duck Mr Mueller. (Great Wall looks good this time of year!)

Yahoo! News - FBI's Mueller: China Faces Al Qaeda Threat, Activities