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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Suicide Number One Youth Killer in China

China's Health Care System"Suicide is the number one killer of people aged 15-34 in China, particularly young women in rural areas."

According to the linked article in VOA News suicide is the number one killer of people in China between the age of 15 and 34. Whilst in relative terms the youth suicide rate in China is below most western countries the absolute values given China's size are immense.

Some 250,000 people commit suicide on China each year and there are over two million attempts. That's the population of say a city the size of Sydney attempting to take their own lives each year.

What further stands out from this article is that the rate of suicides among woman is higher than for males which goes against world trends.

Female suicide is also more prevalent among the poor rural based women. It would appear also that the rate of "successful" female suicides compared to other countries is as a result of the type of methods used and there availabilty such as poisoning by the likes of pesticides used commonaly in rural applications.

Many suicides reportedly are as a result of failing to achieve such as in school or work a problem associated with developing countries.

As in most areas of health service in China mental health and suicide counseling services are very light on the ground particularly in rural areas.

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