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China Letter-News and Human Rights

China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Friday, April 09, 2004

The slaughter continues

:: Xinhuanet - English :::

China Mining Tragedy" CHONGQING, April 9 (Xinhuanet) -- One more body was found with one miner still missing during the gas emission accident in a coal mine in southwest China's Chongqing municipality.

So far, five miners were killed in the accident with one still missing, said Sun Banglun, an official with the municipal administration of coal mine safety. "

I am not keeping track of the number of deaths in China's coal mines I am just posting information as it comes to hand to highlight the veritable slaughter that goes on there.

Mine safety has got to go to the top of Premier Wen Jiabao
agenda with upwards of an estimated 10,000 deaths per year in substandard and totally unsafe mines that should be closed down. The Chinese Government is just not willing to cut production from an overstretched industry that supplies 75% of China's energy needs so that the problem can be fixed.

It continues as a glaring example of the states lack of respect for the sanctity of individual human rights.