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Thursday, April 01, 2004

More pay tribute to dead loved ones

China Daily:

China Pays tribute to dead in annual festival"Millions of Chinese will soon sweep tombs of their beloved ones"

Qingming, a traditional festival to be held on April 4, and involves Chinese people visiting the graves of deceased loved ones.

Apparently according to the article in the China daily the number of Shanghai citizens, for example,who have swept or will sweep their ancestors' tombs in the two weeks around the festival may surpass 6.46 million, an increase of 6 per cent from last year.

Now I know the Chinese Government has been pushing for the use of "scientific principles" in all things but how did that come to a figure like this? Is their cadres counting heads entering cemeteries are advanced extrapolation logarithms used? How?

But that aside the article argues that the increase in observance of this tradition and festival augurs well for the economy ( the Chinese seem very one tracked on the economy theme lol)

Folklore experts also believe the clan culture also strengthens family ties, which in turn boosts many privately-owned businesses usually operated by entire families.

The festival goes for two weeks commencing on the 15th day of the third lunar calendar month and I quote the Daily on a fuller explanation of what it entails:

The Qingmingor Tomb Sweeping Festival, is an important event marked by family gatherings.

Tradition dictates that all the family members of a patriline clan should go together to sweep their common ancestors' tomb.

During the tomb sweeping ceremony, Chinese people will burn incense and candles and pray to their ancestors for a prosperous future.

They will kowtow before the tombs of their deceased grandparents or parents to show their respect and finally offer sacrifices such as green glutinous dumplings, liquors, and spirit money to their deceased relatives in hopes that the dead will lead a happy and prosperous life in the other world.

The Chinese believe that in this way, their ancestors will bless them and help them live a peaceful and healthy life.

Happy Festival

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