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China Letter-News and Human Rights

China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

A "manic" preoccupation?"

"China urged Germany Friday to stop activities by banned 'Eastern Turkistan' groups, and not to appease terrorism in any form.

I believe that the Chinese Government's constant attack on the name of the Uygur people of Xinjiang borders on being manic and must be reflective of their true feeling towards the people that they attempt to hide behind a mask of the "War On Terrror"

Apparently according to Xinhuanet a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security has stated that some "Eastern Turkistan terrorist" groups are reportedly meeting in Munich Germany, including two terrorist organizations banned by China.

They claim these groups are meeting in order to set up a unified organization for terrorist and separatist activities against China.

Now the Uygurs number about 9.25 million in Xinjiang and about one million in diaspora. This is juxtaposed with about the same number of Han Chinese in Xinjiang and many hundreds of millions elsewhere throughout China.

The Uygur are repressed and persecuted being subject to a many number of human rights violations that work effectively to destroy their collective will for any confrontation with China,even if they were so desirous, which in my humble assessment they are not.

Uygur diaspora organisations are fragmented and to a great degree totally incapable of insinuating any agendas on the Uygur or Xinjiang. Quite frankly they lack cohesion, funding and the ability to be able to project any meaningful power into Xinjiang. Publicly at least all of them proclaim as part of their "political platforms" peaceful solutions to the issue of Uygur independence.

With regard to "Uygur Terrorism" readers of my blog will know that I am of the opinion that Uygur terrorism does not and has never existed in any shape or form anywhere near that claimed by the Chinese government.

Yes, there has been violence inflicted by the Uygur on the Han and even on fellow Uygurs but these have been at best opportunistic strikes, or strikes of retaliation against immense brutality, such as the Chinese response to the Yinning demonstrations in 1997 and do not meet the generally accepted criteria of what constitutes "terrorism". The Americans would balk at any suggestion that their "War of Independence" was a terrorist activity I am sure. As is oft said one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

So I find it almost laughable that the quoted Chinese spokesperson claims that these alleged meetings in Munich not only endanger the "unification of China" but claims also rather grandly I would have thought that it actually poses a threat to "World Peace".

World peace nonetheless!

As a result of Chinese insistence and US payback for support for the "War on Terror" the PRC was able to have one alleged group, the East Turkistan Islamic Movement proscribed as an international "terrorist organisation" by the U.N.

This little known group that even the U.S State Department admits has never caused any violence outside of China ( and they admitted at the time they were relying on Chinese information proving terrorist acts within China) is the only internationally recognised Uygur "terrorist" group. All other groups and organisations identified by the Chinese government such as the East Turkistan Information Centre (ETIC) are diaspora organisations operating openly and legally in host countries such as Turkey and Germany. You can even visit ETIC's website but far from being a hotbed of terrorist intrigue you will find a dilapidated and non maintained site mainly archiving alleged Chinese human rights violations against the Uygur. Take a spin through your favorite search engine and search on the names that the Chinese constantly sprout as being terrorist groups inciting violence. You will find nothing but "cyber ship wrecks" of 1990's activism, if anything at all.

I have no doubts that among the world's 10 million odd Uygurs there are some who would like to plant a bomb in the Great Hall of China just as there are some Americans and British who would like to do the same at the White House or "Number 10" These people however are few and far between, have no organisation and lack the wherewithal to project any power in to China or affect "World Peace"

When will the Chinese cease this manic obsession with Uygur Terrorism?

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