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Sunday, April 18, 2004

China's Psyche: Communism a Transient Phase

"Officials tout the blessings of communism, even though everyone, officials included, knows that communism no longer really exists in China. What does exist is an authoritarian government that is slowly losing control over its people and is unsure how to lead the country in the next millennium. "

I have taken this quote from an article by Holly Krambeck who currently resides in Beijing, where she works as an editor for China Today.

In the article the author looks at the history of China and trys to identify historical precedents and cyclical occurrences in China's long history in an attempt to analyse where China is going today.

Her bottom line is that the current Communist regime will be remembered for completing a cycle of greatness, chaos, greatness that she argues has dogged China since the Shang dynasty, in c.1500 b.c.

She believes China has been caught in a continuous cycle of dynastic rise and fall and that the Communist regime has taken China out of chaos but that it will be left to the regime that follows it to take China into the "greatness" phase of the cycle.

A very good read.

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China's Psyche: