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Monday, March 08, 2004

Three arrested for bombing Chinese restaurants in Australia

Three arrested for bombing Chinese restaurants in Australia

The linked article is by the China Daily and it's dateline is today.

It is the story of three people who have been arrested in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, for allegedly "firebombing" three Chinese restaurants.

I am pretty incensed about this whole thing and I will tell you why.

Firstly to this article. Either it a grossly inept piece of reporting or it is a political manipulation and this is why

  • The alleged crime did not happen one week ago as the article claims it happened three weeks ago.
  • The alleged "arsonists" were not arrested last week they were arrested soon after the event
  • The Australian Broadcasting Commission (Radio Australia) carried no information on this incident Saturday last as stated in the article. In fact to the best of my knowledge it has not been mentioned since the time of the arrests.
  • The article implies that it was racially motivated against Asians and implies some grand racist conspiracy. I can not comment if it was racially motivated but two drunk youths (21) and one mentally impaired child (17) do not in my mind constitute some intrinsic national racist threat.
  • They use the term "firebombing" with all the connotations that implies. The damage bill was reportedly AU$50,000. Now not only are these figures normally overstated for a variety of reasons but it just not is a lot of money for the "firebombing of three

Secondly reporting of this event has been run twice in the People's Daily and once in Xinhua (state news organs) and in the case of the PD front page news on both occasions. They too left the reader with the impression that it was some racially motivated conspiracy against Asians and Chinese in particular.

Now really in the scheme of things how important is this story?

You want to report racial conspiracies then see what China is doing to the Uygur and the Tibetans. You want to talk destruction look at the 200 plus Uygurs executed since 1997 over a demonstration that escalated into a riot that left 9 dead as a result of Chinese intervention.

Look at the Tibetans executed.

Look at the Temples leveled.

Look at the thousands wrongly imprisoned.

Where do these fools get off jumping up a story about some drunk louts in a country that is the most multicultured in the world and is respected internationally for the harmony of ethnic relations.

Racism exists everywhere to differing degrees but wholesale executions and mass imprisonments do not.

Get your facts right China and get your own house in order before you point an accusational finger at freedom and peace loving nations that should embarrass you by their comparative goodness .