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Monday, March 15, 2004

Shockwave Jiang

March 14 Blog Post:

"the recent shock wave Jiang destroyed many sites completely and may continue to bring down more site. It is so dangerous that I am not brave enough to spell out the whole name. Yesterday, when I search the Chinese name of Jiang in Google, my access to Google was broken immediately and I cannot visit Google any more in the next five minutes. After the annoying five minutes, I can use Google again, until I attempted to search for the sensitive keyword. It seems the ban has been lifted today."Wangjianshuo Blog 14/3/2004

I brought you a story yesterday from a Chinese blogger Wangjianshuo based in Shanghai about wholesale internet shutdowns in China that have occurred over the last several days. I hypothesised at the time that it may be because of the recent letter by a renowned Chinese Doctor Jiang Yanyong to the Chinese Politburo asking them to re-evaluate their role in the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Well it appears I may have been correct given what Wangjianshuo says in his latest blog entry.

This letter has most definitely sent out shockwaves as Wangjianshuo has alluded to so much so that it is, I believe, what prompted the Chinese Premier to make an unusual statement on TV justifying the governments role in the 1989 massacre. (see related story below)

This Wangjianshuo fellow is a pretty brave guy. It is easy sitting here in a free country talking about what I talk about but to be in China and even to allude to things "forbidden" takes someone special.