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China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Premier pledges to push reforms ahead

National Peoples Congress Premier pledges to push reforms ahead
: "without successful political restructuring, there would be no successful economic reform,' he said. "

Well the National People's Congress is finished. The delegates are heading home and to wrap it up Premier Wen Jiabao gave a rare televised press conference in which he summarised the government's goals.

In a report from China Daily Wen is reported to have said that the government has three major goals

  • Establish a democratic decision making mechanism
  • Administer the country more in line with law and to build an honest and clean government and,
  • Allow for public scrutiny and of the government and provide transparency

As well he identified the fight against official corruption as being of prime importance to the government to the extent that he described it as a "life or death" issue for the future of the Communist Party.

Touching briefly on the Tiananmen Square Massacre that has popped it's head up again as a result of a letter sent to the politburo by a respected Doctor and leaked to the press, Wen towed the Party line though the fact that it was mentioned at is highly significant.

All in all I get a good feeling about this Wen fellow.

He is making all of the right noises but I am sure there are some old school party boys who are not liking it too much.

Whether he will be allowed to continue and whether or not his words are more than just "words" will need to be seen but, yes, I think at this stage that what seems to be happening is very positive.

The last two or so weeks in China has seen some fairly significant things happen.

We have, of course the two major amendments to the constitution concerning personal property ownership and human rights. These have gone reasonably unremarked by both the press and international governments though in my estimation their significance is monumental.

We have had some wondrous things happening which are not the norm in China politics.

  • An Ex foreign minister and serving politburo member publicly admitting China's human rights record is poor.
  • A motion to the NPC criticising capital punishment and actually citing figures on executions being aired in an official state news organ
  • A letter sent confidentially to the Politburo concerning the Party's position on Tiananmen being "leaked" to the press and causing immense domestic and international attention. As a result all the major blog servers in China were closed and heavy censorship of chat rooms occurred as the wires "burnt Up" over the issue.
  • A highly ranking Jurist telling the judicial system not to carry out executions if they can be "avoided" and
  • Public Self criticism of the judicial system
  • Release of high political prisoners of conscience

But then we had the contradictions. The actions concerning the crackdown on the internet, harassment of protestors at the NPC, the CCPC re-affirming Marxism-Leninism doctrines.

A wonderful time for "China Watchers" one would have thought but I am totally amazed at the lack of analysis and comment coming through from the news agencies or foreign governments despite what I see as being very noteworthy happenings.