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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

phorum - UAA English Forum - Re: Kadeer to Be Released Early

phorum - UAA English Forum - Re: Kadeer to Be Released Early

justiceA poster to the Uyghur American Association Forums implies that the the Chinese announcement that it had shortened the sentence of the Uygur Millionairess Rebiya Kadeer in jail for "spying" is a croc that the gullible west has swallowed.

"It is another demonstration that China does not care about the opinions of international community but enjoys playing fool with them.(sic)"

says Turdi, a prolific contributor to both the UAA and the Uighur L announcement list.

Turdi claims that a reduction by one year of prison sentences is quite common in China and implies that the Chinese have announced this one as if they were bowing to international pressure and showing some compassion.

Presumably this woud be done to curry favour ahead of the Geneva Human Rights Convention to be held this month and where it is expected the U.S. will seek a resolution of condemnation of China's HR record for 2003.