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Friday, March 19, 2004

Living in China � Censorship in China

Living in China � Censorship in China

The above link is to an excellent article concerning the recent very heavy handed censorship being applied to the Internet by the Chinese Government over the last two or so weeks.

As background all of the three major Blog site providers in China were closed down completely recently (and I have not heard if they are back yet). Where before the Chinese censors would close down an "offending" site if it overstepped the political mark this time they have gone wholesale and closed down whole providers.

As well Chatrooms which are big in China have been getting just as rough scrutiny.People being redirected to other sites, posts being wiped etc.

Even searching for "offending" terms on search engines like Google ended up with the user facing a blank screen.

As you can imagine the internet "surfers" "Bloggers and 'Chatters' of China are furious and thus this article written by one of them in an attempt to understand the long term ramifications of this latest "purge".

There is much debate as to why this is happening. Some say that it was because of the recently completed National People's Congress, others the elections in Taiwan. Most likely it stemmed from a letter sent to the Politburo by an esteemed Beijing Doctor requesting them to re_appraise the Government's role in the Tiananmen Square Massacre which was leaked and caused much debate.

Whatever the reason the response is pretty huge by all accounts.

The future of the Internet in China? Who knows at the moment.

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