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China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

China winning fight against Xinjiang separatists

Muzi.com | News : China winning fight against Xinjiang separatists: "

Uygur Prisoners"A crackdown against separatists in China's western region of Xinjiang and help from foreign governments have put a dent in the number of people seeking to split the vast, predominantly Muslim area from China, Xinjiang's top government official, Ismail Tiliwaldi, said the battle against what China calls the 'three forces' -- separatism, religious extremism and terrorism -- was paying off, particularly against the East Turkestan Independence Movement." (www.dailynews.muzi.com)

'three forces' - separatism, religious extremism and terrorism

-Ismail Tiliwaldi Xinjiang Leader-

Ismail Tilawadi is an Uygur and is a leading government official in Xinjiang.

He heads what is laughingly called the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, so called because it was set up in 1954 by Mao Zedong as an autonomous governing region, but autonomous it has never been.

It was never more than a sop to the then majority Uygur people to keep them quiet until the Han Communists were in a better position to gain total control. By total control I mean getting Han in on the ground in sufficient numbers both civilian, military and government. Back then Xinjiang was far away from the action in the "inland" and was put on the backburner whilst the Communists solidified power elsewhere. It's modern day analogy perhaps could be the "one nation two system" terminology as it relates to Taiwan and Hong Kong currently being spruiked by Beijing.

So this puppet ethnic leader stands up at a sideline conference to the National People's Congress and once again sprouts out the Beijing line about Uygur Terrorists and Religious extremists and how the vigilance of the Government is winning the "Battle" against them.

Well I live in a quiet suburban street in Sydney and I can say that through my vigilance I am winning the battle against terrorism here. I can say that categorically because there has not been one instance of terrorism in my street since I started my "crackdown' on the "three forces". My efforts are paying off.

Well I have to be a little open here because it has not been really that hard of a "battle". Well in all honesty I really should not even be calling it a battle. More of a "skirmish". But, after all, that group of ten year olds congregating at the corner park do look pretty mean and I know they are organised!

But the "war on terrorism" in my street is definitely paying off. The one big happy family love me, they think I am pretty brave and in control. The guy in the next street gives me a lot of support and encouragement ( I have had to embellish the stories a little bit to get it though) and I am pretty sure those kids ain't going to have the guts to form their own playgroup anytime in the future.

All joking aside what I am trying to get at is that there is no battle in Xinjiang because there is no war.

There are no terrorists. There has been no acts of violence by the Uygur recorded since 1998 and even before then was it really "terrorism"?. There are no highly organised "terrorist groups" if there ever were any to start with.

There are no religious extremists, or no more then you would find in any community in America or Australia and as for "separatists" there are very few people that actively support the ideal of separation from China (though in their hearts they may wish it.)

This is a phony "war" and it always has been. It is nothing more than shadow boxing.

But it has purpose. For a very little price the Chinese put themselves out as being great allies in the "War on Terror" and gain all the kudos and rewards that comes with it. But they are no allies in this war, they have never done one constructive thing in it's prosecution other than hound a blighted people.

And their perpetuation of this myth and this constant reminding us of their "battle" allows them the room to continue to violate all the rights of the Uygur, to continue their policy to destroy the spirit and culture of these people.

To swallow them into the great Han "oneness".