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China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

China Daily: How do they get away with it?

China Daily:

China Daily: One of China's Top Five News Sources I am constantly amazed as to the things the China Daily can come out with.

In these times of internet censorship by the Chinese government I am often caught scrolling up to the masthead of the China Daily site just to reassure myself that that is where I am.

Today is no exception. Here I am going through news stories and I find one that says the following:

"China and India both watched the launch of the US war on terrorism with unease. Admittedly, each has found a way of benefiting from it. China made the US include Uighur militants in Xinjiang in the general condemnation; India made sure Kashmiri militants were generally condemned too."

I think to myself I am on the China Daily site aren't I? One of the top five Chinese news sources? The one with the nice "new China" touch of trying to "flog" a chart of the Communist Party on it's front page.

Then why am I reading an article that says effectively that China benefited from the "War on Terror" because it got the U.S. to "Include Uighur Militants in the general condemnation"

Is this an admittance that the crackdown on Xinjiang's Uygurs is being carried out because China benefited from the "War On Terror"?

How else would they benefit unless because their crackdown on the Uygurs would have been widely criticised otherwise?

"Admittedly each has found a way of benefiting from it"

Is anyone supposed to benefit from the "War on terror" other than people? People who will not have to live in fear or be injured or die? I did not think countries were in this to benefit from anything else, openly at least!

Perhaps a Freudian slip on behalf of the journalist and editors. One thing about keeping up a lie is that you have to have a good memory. Sometimes I think the China Daily forgets who it is writing for.

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