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Friday, March 26, 2004

"Bankruptcy King" Has Not Fled.

China Study Group

Cao Siyuan courtesy of Asia WeekCHINESE legal reformer Cao Siyuan nicknamed the "Bankruptcy King" due to his legal practice and role in framing China's first bankruptcy laws has spoken from Canada denying press reports that he has fled China fearing arrest.

It was reported last week by some news sources that Cao had purchased a "one way" ticket out of China only narrowly ahead of the law and arrest.

I had tracked him down to the United States where he had given a lecture recently but this statement is his first since the news reports appeared.

In response to the articles reporting his fleeing Cao said:

"My main responsibility is in China, pushing for political and economic reform. I never intended to leave and not return,"

Cao went on further to say:

"But even if they want to arrest me, I will return. I will come back with my hands extended, ready for the handcuffs."

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