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China Letter-News and Human Rights

China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

The People’s Republic of China: In full justification mode

The People’s Republic of China is predictable if nothing else.

Recently in the world’s media China has been getting quite a lot of attention over the “Uygur Question”. It started in earnest in December last year when the People’s Daily, the PRC’s official news organ, published a list of “Uygur Terrorist Organisations”.

This type of press statement by the PRC is not unusual and it appears to be a part of a premeditated, pre-programmed and ongoing justification of their continued violations of the Uygur’s human rights in the name of the “War on Terror”.

What was striking about this piece in particular was that at the top of it’s “most wanted” list was a supposed terrorist leader who had in fact been dead for almost three months!

I commented at the time in my article China’s Bin Laden: The Terrorist China Forgot” that such a significant faux pas was perhaps indicative that a) China’s stand on terrorism has another agenda, b) That these press releases are written months in advance and pre scheduled for periodic release and c) just how seriously do the PRC believe their own propaganda (not very obviously).

I have also mentioned on several occasions that the PRC is very reactive to the world's media if it is critical of the PRC's Uygur policies and that as sure as the sun rises once they have received significant criticism up will pop a new “justification” piece.

Well, true to form we have yesterday a fresh item of “news” appearing in another lesser known official news agency the China Daily (also mirrored in Xinhuanet).

In an article entitled Joint efforts to combat terrorism saluted China Daily) Updated: 2004-02-13 23:07 the lead in paragraph states and I quote:

“The Chinese Ministry of Public Security on Friday reiterated China's firm support for international co-operation in combating terrorism and its hope of gaining more assistance from other countries for its anti-terror endeavour.”

All very fine and well you may say. A noble cause and a just sentiment.

They then go straight on to say, and again I quote whilst holding back an undignified chuckle:

“A ministry spokesperson said the publicising of a list of the first identified "East Turkistan" terrorist organisations and 11 terrorists by the ministry on December 15, 2003 has drawn active responses from the international community”

Well you have to hand it to them for they tell no lies here, however, they do neglect to mention that they are not responses of overwhelming support as you would imagine from reading this paragraph.

If by “international community” they mean the Diplomatic Corp then I have not seen one thing for or against from this august body concerning the December article. If they mean the international media, web chat sites, forums, blogs, notice boards etc then they did receive very active responses; overwhelmingly negative.

The China Daily then goes into full justification mode with supposed “confessions” of Uygur prisoners pointing an accusing finger at the head of ETIC, (East Turkistan Information Centre headquartered in Europe) Abudujelili Kalakash claiming that he personally ran Uygur terrorists within China supplying them with equipment and money.

As well the leader of the WUYC (World Uygur Youth Conference) Dolqun Isa
comes in for similar treatment being also accused of several similar things.

Finally, it gives the dire warnings that ETIM (East Turkistan Islamic Movement), whose alleged leader died last year is planning revenge attacks. In other words read "stay tuned we will have reports of these incidents coming soon in our main bulletin".

Of course I and no-one else can verify these claims and please see my levity in the last paragraph for what it is, but, one truly has to question the veracity of any information garnered from Uygur prisoners given China’s alleged use of torture as a method of obtaining “confessions”

One can only look for patterns in an attempt to learn the truth and the pattern I see most clearly from the PRC in it's press releases is one of pre-planned propaganda, immediate reaction to criticism and the setting of the stage for further "reveals". Stay tuned for the next installment!

The Uygur (Uighur) of Xinjiang need the support of the world in the attainment of basic human rights. This blog of news commentary and analysis hopes to add to pressure on the People's Republic of China to bring about positive change.