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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Australian PM: Racist attacks 'disgraceful'

Australian PM: Racist attacks 'disgraceful'

The above article appeared today as headline news in the China Daily and the People's Daily both Chinese state run news agencies.

Essentially it concerns an allegedly mentally deranged youth who drew swastika images on the walls of several Chinese Restaurants in some outer suburbs of Perth, a smaller Australian state capitol city.

It is of no doubt that it was racially motivated whether against the Chinese in particular we do not know. (There are very few other ethnic restaurants in these outer suburbs).

Whilst of course the act must be deplored it must also be put into some degree of context. Does it warrant sub headline news in the aforementioned publications? I would think not. I would not even rate it for a place on page 150.

When we look at the acts of blatant "racism" being conducted on a day to day basis against the Caucasian Turkic Uygur minority in Xinjiang China it is even harder to understand it's importance.

It appears to me that whenever there is any criticism in the world press about China's treatment of it's ethnic minorities that the PRC finds some issue to report as if to say "He who is in glass houses..."
But are we not scraping the barrow with this one?

Recently there has been several articles appearing in the world press suggesting that China's neighbours in the Turkic Republics are cracking down on their Uygur populations in response to China's pressure and or financial inducements. From out of nowhere in the last couple of days appears an article released by the Krygyzstan authorities naming two Uyghur men as being responsible for a bus atrocity in Bishkek in March last year.News Scotsman 3/2/04

This is despite the same authorities having ruled out Uyghur complicity in the crime Uighur-L List
mid of last year. (the crime by the way was the slaughter of 21 ethnic Uygurs on a bus in Bishkek in March 2003, hardly one would think the act of "Uygur extremists" supposedly fighting on behalf of their brothers in Xinjiang)

I am not saying that in this particular instance the PRC pressured the Krygyz authorities but it does seem rather coincidental.

If you watch these two Dailys I am sure that you will see that this pattern of reaction is quite obvious and in many cases contradictory to what has been said before. It is almost childish in it's lack of political understanding and maturity.

By gosh most people would not know where Australia was let alone the outer suburbs of Perth and one poor mentally ill youth has found himself to be almost an international incident for a day.