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China human rights news with focus on the Uygur of Xinjiang, Tibetans and Tibet, Chinese mining workers, religion, corruption and censorship.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Ancient tomb discovered intact in Xinjiang

Ancient tomb discovered intact in Xinjiang

A farmer in Turpan in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwest China, recently found a well-preserved ancient tomb on his farm.

The farmer, Halik, discovered the tomb when he was working in the field. Archaeologists said it could date back to the early years of the 20th* century.

The trapezoid-shaped coffin is 2 meters long, 50 cm at the upper border and 60 cm at the bottom border. It was covered with red paint with patterns of flowers such as lotuses and peonies.

Inside was a mummified man dressed in cotton-padded clothes, a cap on his head and face covered by a document paper. So far, archaeologists have no information on the identity of the tomb owner.

*Source:Xinhua I think it might be a bit older than what Xinhua reported. Probably a typo whilst they were worried about blocking my access.( see other story today)