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Saturday, February 07, 2004

3 arrested for bombing Chinese restaurants in Australia

3 arrested for bombing Chinese restaurants in Australia

Part 2

They must be really short of news in China as the story of the Perth West Australian deranged teenager who painted swastikas on three Perth Chinese restaurants has surfaced again.

This earth shattering event has been headline news now on two occasions in the official news organ of the People's Republic of China, the "Peoples Daily".

The story has livened up with the appearance in court of a total of three men being charged for aggravated burglary

The beauty of this story update is the final paragraph and I quote

"Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio reported Saturday that police will continue to investigate whether the three are involved with an organized group, (my emphasis) although Western Australian police Commissioner Barry Matthews said it is unlikely."

The Chinese government appears to love a good conspiracy theory don't they? One sometimes think that they are suffering some sort of collective persecution complex.

On a different note I had the opportunity to take the family into Sydney's Chinatown for lunch today and a look around ( I actually like Chinese food and Chinese people) and we were confronted with a booth of people protesting the PRC's treatment of the Falun Gonggroup. The graphic images displayed of alleged torture victims was disturbing to say the least.

Whilst I know very little about this group the pictures were very reminiscent of ones I have seen of Uygur people after Chinese officials had "interviewed" them.

When will the Chinese government realise that they can not be taken seriously as the "New China" whilst images like this float around the world?